J Bolt

A J Bolt is a J-shaped fastener, threaded on the flat side. It can be thought of as “half” of a U bolt. They are often used in structural applications like roofing & securing walls to concrete foundations. The bent end usually hooks around rebar for support, and it may be cast in concrete for use as an anchor bolt.

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Importance of Using High Quality J-Bolts

Using substandard J-Bolts for your structures can make your structure prone to damage from the chaos of natural disasters.

According to a report from the Department of Mines, Industry Regulation, & Safety from the Government of Western Australia, a scenario where roofs below design wind speed were blown off due to high wind speeds was studied, and the root cause for having the roofs blown off was due to the use of substandard J-Bolts in the design.

The loss of the roofs negatively impacted:

  • the residents of the homes affected by the missing roofs; and
  • The builder suffering reputational harm
  • the price of corrective action and any fines the Building Services Board imposes.

To prevent the harm of lives & builder reputation, it is of utmost importance to make sure materials used in structure design, such as J-Bolts, are of high quality & passes material testing standards.

Applications of J Bolt


j bolt roofing

  • Roofing Support by hooking to channel beam

j bolt hook rebar

  • Hooking onto rebar embedded in concrete, with threading on top


  • Building garages
  • Building foundations
  • Attaching walls to concrete

Material Used in J Bolt


Tensile Strength




Min. 414 MPa

Min 18%

White Zinc Electroplated

Our J Bolts are manufactured with the ASTM A307 standard, made with white zinc electroplated carbon steel.

The ASTM A307 specification covers carbon steel bolts, rods/studs and anchor bolts ranging from 1/4″ through 4″ diameter. This is a standard bolt specification that is frequently produced using A36 round bar. There are three categories, A, B, and C*, with each having its own tensile strength, configuration, and application. They are typically utilized in low-pressure, standard, or normal temperature applications and have minimal hardness and tensile requirements. The term “low carbon” fasteners is also used to describe ASTM A307 bolts.

White Zinc Electro-Plated Fasteners have a zinc plating and a bright silver gray look. A tougher surface coating will typically be applied as part of a chemical chromate passivation conversion process to improve it. Zinc electroplating offers thicknesses ranging from a thin flash of color for appearance, to commercial coatings of 3-5 microns (um), to specified heavy coatings up to 12 microns (0.0005 in).

This makes White Zinc Electroplated Fasteners used in various applications, such as aerospace, aircraft, automotive, railway, food & beverage, marine & offshore, metal & mineral mining, petrochemical, paper & pulp, chemical processing, power generation, research & development projects, nuclear, shipbuilding & repair, structural, & water desalination industries.

We also carry J Bolts made of stainless steel.

Technical Details

J Bolt Drawing

Nominal Diameter (A)

Thread Length (B)

Effective Length (C)

Angle (D)

Hook Length (E)


Varies to its length

2” - 10”



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