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Trusted Screw Supplier Philippines

We provide construction, telecommunication, electronics, industrial, power, automotive, & water industries the highest quality screws with the most competitive prices.

Mechanical Advantage

Compared to driving a nail, driving a screw takes less energy. Employing screws makes a project instantly simpler when using hand tools. Screws are extremely durable and robust, whereas nails might eventually come loose.

Rust Resistant

Screws are less likely to rust because they provide a strong and tight bond with the substance next to them. Its shaft is kept dry and secure because of the tight grip, which also prevents contamination from coming into touch with it.

Assorted Sizes & Shapes

Screws are available in a wide variety of sizes, shapes, and thread patterns, with specific designs for use on wood, drywall, sheet metal, concrete, and more. The longevity of a screw is improved when the right screw type is used.

Dangers of low quality screws

Settling for cheap screws is more expensive than you think…

Reduced longevity

They say “A chain is as strong as its weakest link”. Same goes for buildings & structures: they won’t stand the test of time if your fasteners are low quality, regardless of your material usage.

Certification Issues

Structures and buildings need to go through quality control tests & certifications. Using low quality screws can damage your reputation & lose your ability to manufacture the goods in the Philippines.  

Increased risk of lawsuits

Many people today are more inclined to go to court if they believe their legal rights have been violated by other people or organizations. If a structure is compromised & they pinpointed the point of failure in your use of low quality screws, they can file a class action lawsuit to you, which can get expensive.

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Why Helix Steel Products Corporation?

With over 50 years of experience as a screw supplier and manufacturer, we have helped countless other engineers, architects, & big-name firms make their projects successful,  stand the test of time, & impress their clients with the quality of our products & work. 

Your One-Stop Screw Supplier in the Philippines

  • 13 Truss Head Metal Screw
    Self-tapping & Self-drilling Screw

    Truss Head Metal Screw (Local/ Harden)

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  • 12 Flat Head Metal Screw
    Self-tapping & Self-drilling Screw

    Flat Head Metal Screw (Local/ Harden/ Chrome)

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  • 11 Pan Head Metal Screw
    Self-tapping & Self-drilling Screw

    Pan Head Metal Screw (Local/ Harden)

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  • 10 Wafer Teks Job Screw
    Self-tapping & Self-drilling Screw

    Wafer Teks/ Job Screw

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  • 9 Wood Screw BI GI BROWN
    Self-tapping & Self-drilling Screw

    Wood Screw (BI/ GI/ Brown)

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  • 8 Tekscrew Metal
    Self-tapping & Self-drilling Screw

    Tekscrew Metal

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Objection Handler #1

In order to serve our customers better, we are continually improving & expanding our manufacturing & fabrication facilities & equipments to provide the best quality industrial fasteners & supplies to help you tackle your most demanding projects.  

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Objection Handler #2

In addition to constantly improving our manufacturing & production facilities, we also understand that your project timelines & deadlines can change in an instant, so we are also continually improving our delivery & logistics network to accommodate your ever-changing needs midway in the project. 

Trusted by Industry Leaders:

What Our Clients Say

See what our past clients have to say about us as a bolts and nuts supplier, as well as their experience working with us.

Maayos kausap at mabilis magdeliver. Tsaka pag sinabing magde-deliver. Sure yun
Leila L. Lumanog
Co-owner/Corporate Secretary, Rholean Builders Incorporated
One of the good suppliers with good quality of products, responsible sales representatives and employees with highly good communication skills in terms of interaction with a client.
Ericka Manaog
Purchaser, AE Blume Construction Inc.
High quality product at an affordable price.
Benedict Buenaventura
Managing Director, Air Beyond Satisfaction Services Inc.

See our Case Studies

See & get to know how we have helped other engineers, architects, & firms bring their projects to life with our high quality products.

MRT 7 Construction 1


We are honored to have our products used in the making of the MRT Line 7. Some of our products used…

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How to reach out

1. Inquire our steel specialists.

Reach out to our steel specialists for your project details, material requirements, & everything else we need to know to give an accurate recommendation.

2. Recommendations & Quotation

With our 50+ years of experience with industrial fasteners, we will give you recommendations on how to move forward, as well as a quote.

3. Prompt Fulfillment

Once we work together, we will move forward to fabricating or supplying your requirements, as well as working around the clock to meet your deadlines.

4. Wrap up a successful project.

Rest easy knowing that your project is in good hands with industrial fasteners proven to be durable & high quality.

Not just your ordinary screws supplier. Your partner.

Rest easy at night knowing that our screws and industrial fasteners will make your project safer & more durable.

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Pressed for time to look for what you need? We made it easy for you! Browse our entire steel product catalog offline & only call us when you find what you’re looking for.

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Get your FREE catalog.

Pressed for time to look for what you need? We made it easy for you! Browse our entire steel product catalog offline & only call us when you find what you’re looking for.

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