MS Plate

MS Plate or Mild Steel Plate is a low carbon metal sheet that is mostly used in the construction industry. It has numerous properties such as high tensile and impact strength, malleability, and weld ability that is why it is used in different varieties of construction works.

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Technical Specifications

Steel Grade




Base Plate, Stiffener Plate, Cleat Plate

Custom made; fabricated as per customer's order

How to reach out

1. Inquire our steel specialists.

Reach out to our steel specialists for your project details, material requirements, & everything else we need to know to give an accurate recommendation.

2. Recommendations & Quotation

With our 50+ years of experience with industrial fasteners, we will give you recommendations on how to move forward, as well as a quote.

3. Prompt Fulfillment

Once we work together, we will move forward to fabricating or supplying your requirements, as well as working around the clock to meet your deadlines.

4. Wrap up a successful project.

Rest easy knowing that your project is in good hands with industrial fasteners proven to be durable & high quality.

Request a quotation, & get a response from our experts.

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