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Adapting to a Sudden Urgent Deadline for a Construction Company

The Problem

One of our clients (anonymized upon request) that operates in the heavy and civil engineering construction industry for more than 8 years, was working on a challenging water treatment plant project in Antipolo City, Rizal that required an aggressive timeline. While our client was working through the detailed design and construction engineering process, their requirement for the schedule of delivering aluma beams suddenly changed, thus requiring expedited delivery from Helix Steel Products Corporation to help him since he was chasing time to meet the crucial deadline for the said project.

As a company, they want to maintain the reputation of delivering services ahead of time. For every day they delay, their project becomes less profitable because of numerous factors:

  • They incur additional costs from renting equipment
  • They waste time looking for another supplier
  • They shoulder delivery costs
  • They will incur a heavy fine from the project owner if the project is delayed

The Solution

During this time, Helix Steel Products Corporation quickly responded to changing requirements for the delivery. In the end, Helix Steel Products Corporation found a way to expedite delivery, and fortunately, it was done quickly enough to maintain the momentum required to meet the crucial deadline.

Here at Helix Steel Products Corporation, we are constantly expanding not just our production facilities but also our logistics network every 6 mos. – 1 yr. This allows us to serve our clients better whenever there is a project deadline that REALLY needs to be met.

The Result

Due to our fast & reliable delivery, our client was able to meet the expectation of their client ahead of schedule. This success earned our client positive feedback from their client that could lead to more projects in the future from other government & private institutions.

Do you need not just a reliable nuts & bolts supplier but also a partner for your next project? Someone who not only supplies quality but also has the ability to adapt to your ever-changing deadlines? If you need high quality nuts & bolts that can also be delivered on-time based on your project timeline, you can send us a message by contacting us.

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