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Supplying high-strength hot-dip galvanized bolts within budget constraints for AAAA General Engineering Contractor

The Problem

One of our clients that is recognized as one of the leading construction companies (anonymized upon request) in the Philippines, was looking for high-strength hot-dip galvanized A325 anchor bolts with the best price for the Metro Manila Skyway Project. At the same time, they were searching for a supplier that can provide the best quality for said item that can meet their requirements at a competitive price. They contacted Helix Steel Products Corporation to provide their needs for the said project.

The Solution

Here at Helix Steel Products Corporation, we don’t just quote materials. We will go the extra mile to understand project specifics with our team of steel experts & consultants, so that we can always work in accordance within (or even recommend savings!) the client’s budget.

Helix Steel Products Corporation expert team provided our client a product consultation, product sampling, mill certificate, and product testing to ensure the reliability and quality of our product. Eventually, Helix Steel Products Corporation started the fabrication for all the anchor bolts needed for the said project and was able to serve and deliver the said items before the expected date.

The Results

In the end, partnering with the Helix Steel Products Corporation expert team delivered outstanding customer service with expeditious delivery allowing the end user to get the products to meet their needs. Our client was a big company, so they are very stringent on the product requirements for these projects.

What has also allowed Helix Steel Products Corporation to deliver this highly specialized item was also due to our manufacturing & fabrication capabilities, which we are constantly improving every 6 mos. – 1 yr.

Working with big, stringent clientele is common for Helix Steel Products Corporation, so our products & fabrication processes are battle-tested for big, national projects.

Helix Steel Products Corporation continues to provide what you need, when you need it. If you need high quality nuts & bolts for critical projects, you can send us a message by contacting us.

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